Major Glitch

I opened YNAB today to find that 5 deleted accounts had suddenly been re-attached to my budget and nearly a dozen outdated bills had reappeared months after they had been paid.


This product is worth less and less every version despite being priced higher and higher.

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  • Have you done a new budget at any point in time? I know sometimes I will open the site to find that it's showing me all the wrong information and I can't figure out why, but then I notice that it has somehow decided to open an old budget rather than my new/current one I started to begin fresh.

    • Orchid Display This was all from the new budget, just from several months back.

  • Hi Forest Green Lightning !

    I see that Michele is working with you over at [email protected] , and it looks like that bug (which it indeed is!) you ran into is being worked on by our bug squashing team! 🐛

    I'm so sorry it caused that confusion and mess in your budget! Let me know if you have any questions at all. 😊

  • This BS happened AGAIN today. I've thrown $90 down the toilet with this terrible product.

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