Forgot to allocate money when paid

Hello all,

I have yet to get YNAB down, little things like the following are getting in my way. I need some help.

What to do if 3-4 days goes by and I "forgot" to allocate the money I was paid. What do I do with allocating the money, since a % is now gone.

For instance, let's say I get paid $1000 on Friday and do not allocate the money in YNAB. On Tuesday I realize the mistake and have spent some of the $1K. How do I know what is left to allocate? What if I did pay something that I was going to allocate out of the 1K?

Hope this makes sense. I want to get there in understanding YNAB, without it, I'll never get my beach house!

Thanks in advance.

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  • You say you already spent that money - are those transactions already in YNAB? They should be.  Any new money you get should be categorized as Inflow: To Be Budgeted. Then go to the budget window and allocate those funds.  After those new transactions are entered, are any categories over spent (red or yellow with a negative number)? If yes, allocate the money to those categories to cover the overspending first.  Then allocate the rest.  If all your categories are green, then you had enough $$ in your categories to cover the spending so you can allocate the new money in whatever category you want. You want the YNAB categories to govern you spending not your bank account balance.

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  • Thanks. Yes, I've entered the transactions in YNAB, but what do I do with allocating money from the budget which I didn't do the day I got paid? As I mentioned, some of that money was already spent, which is OK in the checking account balance, but never deducted from the money "To be Budgeted". The number remaining to be budgeted therefore would not be correct anymore due to some of the pay being spent.

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      Slate Blue Sander You entered the transactions, make sure they are assigned to categories. If they are, then when you go to your budget screen they (the categories) should show negative balances. Add money to those to get them back to zero, and then your to be budgeted amount will be correct.

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    • FreshStart  Thanks! That triggered my understanding, perfect.

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