Change date to cleared?

Hi, I'm a happy Ynab user for a couple of years now, but I recently changed banks and need some help.

I only have one bankaccount (shared with my partner) and a debetcard. When I pay for something the (bank) balance is immediately adjusted and the payment shows up as well. But if the payment is made on the weekends, let's say Saturday the 3rd, it's there as pending until the next Monday. Then the bank actually completes it and -here is my problem- changes the payment date from Saturday 1st to Monday 3rd.

On weekdays the pending payments clears the same day so the date stays the same.

It took me a while to figure out why the dates changed, since that pending-status is hidden well. I never noticed it, and since I never payed with a cheque or creditcard in the 40 years I'm alive (The Netherlands speaking! :) I never ran into pending-payments before. Sure, my former bank probably completed the payments as well after the weekend, but it did no change the date so all my dates were exactly the same in my bank account and Ynab. 

Btw, I don't have the bank account linked and don't import statements, I'm outside the US and it doesn't work here. 

Anyway, I'm not sure what to do know. Do I change the date in Ynab to the day the bank cleared it on Monday? Or do I keep the date when I physically made the payment (Saturday 1st in the grocery store)? 

Either way, it probably never makes 100% sense.. I'm just imagining looking for some specific payments someday, or looking for an error while reconciling, and all the confusion this will give... 

What would you do, and why...?


P.S. Like I said, I'm don't be a grammar nazi :)

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  • I initiated the payment on the 1st so that's how I record it in YNAB regardless of when the bank clears it. It's like it was back when people wrote checks. They filled in the register with the date they wrote the check not the date the recipient got around to depositing the check.

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  • I do the same as @jenmas. I record the transaction in my account with the date I made the transaction and mark it as cleared when it hits the bank/credit card account without changing the date.  There is no reason to change the date - certainly an old school bookkeeper or accountant like me never would.

    In reality, some of my transactions end up in YNAB on the date I made them and others on the date they hit the bank/credit card. If I'm being diligent, I enter the transaction into the account on the day I make the transaction and then hit the C to mark it as cleared once it is cleared on the bank/credit card. I always try and be diligent if I've used payment methods with a longer lead time e.g. cheques or pay after delivery on paypal as I need YNAB to know I've already spent that money even if it hasn't left my accounts yet. If I've been a bit slack and am manually inputting after the event then I just put the date it hit the bank. I don't waste time trying to work out whether the tube fare or coffee was really from that date or the day before. Either way, I never change the date once it is in YNAB. 

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  • Hi Cacti !

    This is a great question! In the end, it comes down to preference. If you want to keep track of when you made purchases, keep that date in YNAB. I personally find this an easier approach. When I try to think of or reconcile past transactions, knowing the day I made the purchase is more helpful than knowing the day it cleared.

    However, if you want your budget to match YNAB exactly, so that you have a second account of those records, you can follow the dates your bank uses. 

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