Get rid of the "Get Started" banner at top?

Is there any way to get rid of this banner?  I get that it is supposed to help me get started by walking me through six different types of YNAB transactions.  Five of them are checked, but I don't need to do the last one (schedule a transaction).  There is no need to schedule any transactions, since I import them all.  But that huge banner at the top taking up unnecessary space bugs the crap out of me.


Note:  I even tried to use the wizard to schedule a transaction just for the heck of it, but I get the attached error:


Needless to say, refreshing my browser doesn't fix anything.

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  • Hi Jerry !

    Sorry for the trouble! The only way to get rid of that banner is to go through the steps listed. I just tried it on my end and was able to complete the step without running into an error. Can you try going through the steps using a different browser? I tried Google Chrome and didn't have any trouble.

    If that doesn't do the trick, please submit a Bug Report so we can have our development team take a look! :)

  • Hi Faness .


    Thank you for the response.  I get the exact same problem in Chrome and Edge.  I will submit a bug report.

    And, I must stress again I think it is sort of ridiculous to force me to create a scheduled transaction when I don't need or want one just to get that stupid banner off my page.


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    • Jerry i agree very simple code to add a skip button that moves you on without having to do that.  I'm starting to think that the ynab developers aren't very responsive to this community.  I've seen lots of threads where people have to come up with workarounds just to get ynab to do what they want. 

      In this case if it bothers you that much id create one to move on and get rid of it then delete it.

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    • Jerry Once you submit that bug report, would you mind submitting a Feature Request for that skip option? It'll let our development team know you'd like to bypass that walkthrough.

      Coral Battery Would you mind submitting a feature request as well? While there are some things our development team holds strong to (like not bringing back the red arrow from YNAB 4), your feedback means a lot to all of us and helps us figure out which direction is best when moving forward. :)

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    • Faness i did but i seriously feel like those requests fall on deaf ears so to speak.

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    • Coral Battery I'm sorry it feels that way! Having that form filled out gives our development team a written account of the request so that they can log it in our system. That allows us to sort feedback and keep track of the requests. We use that information to figure out what’s next  in YNAB (we made the Up Next page to help ease that deaf ears feeling, but I know it can take a while for things to be addressed).

    • Faness i realize i haven't been using ynab for very long but looking back on the release notes it seems everything is just bug fixes, not that I'm opposed to you fixing bugs but i would expect more for as often as I've seen suggestions made on here.

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    • Coral Battery We're steadily releasing new features and changes. We do prioritize bugs, because we want budgets to run smoothly, but there have been a lot of new features recently. A number of them are more prevalent to new users (such as custom onboarding and budget set up steps), but they're there. :)

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      Jerry Sorry, Jerry. You've got to earn your stripes! 😉

      I'm just playing around but I really do think you should rethink your stance on scheduled transactions. Maybe you're not experienced enough to realize the benefits yet but they allow you to get a full picture of your upcoming expenses and make it easy to fill in a budget once you get a month ahead. I also fully use direct import but really appreciate the awareness that scheduled transactions gives me. Also, if you download and turn on the toolkit, it can add a running balance column. This along with scheduled transactions will give you a very good idea of future cash flow in that account. Something to think about.

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  • I'm having a similar problem. I've tried to go through each step and am stuck on the "Move Money" step. I click on start and it begins the first part asking me to "click on a green category", but won't let me actually click on anything so I can't even get through the lesson. Really a pain in the butt.

    • Hi Salmon Commander !

      Sorry for the trouble! Are you able to try that step in a different web browser or after clearing your cache and cookies? If that doesn't do the trick, submit a Bug Report so our development team can take a closer look! :)

  • I was able to switch to FireFox and get through the steps to get rid of the banner. There really should be an opt out on that Get Started tutorial. Thanks for the quick response.

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  • Hi everyone! 

    I'm writing to let you know that we have fixed that issue where the screen focused super strangely during your onboarding steps! 🎉 Take a look at our Release Notes for more details. While you should no longer have any trouble, please let us know if you see this happening again.

    Thanks so much for your patience as we got this fixed. :)

    Happy budgeting!


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  • I just got stuck with Chrome and had to use Firefox to finish it.

    • Hi Tomato Cyborg !

      Would you mind submitting a Bug Report to let our development team know about that browser issue? It would be a great help! :)

    • Hi Alice Blue Thunder !

      The way to get rid of that Get Started banner is to complete the steps listed. Are you seeing an error there?

  • Wow....a year later and there still isn't an option to dismiss the banner.

    I'm working on a laptop with an 11 inch screen and can't make changes to the scheduled payees because part of the form is hidden behind the getting started banner. I couldn't get rid of the getting started banner either because the screen just went grey and nothing happened after I tried to schedule a transaction.

    I was on the verge of requesting a refund when I figured out that the scheduled transaction section wasn't completing because I had a search open for a transaction. The transaction that I scheduled didn't appear in the search results, so after the transaction was scheduled the little "hey I'm really cool I know how to make scheduled transactions now" button never appeared.

    Of course, I still had to move money to make it go that I just had to move back as soon as I was done.

    There really should be an option to dismiss it for experienced users or those who are having problems with it.

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      Hot Pink Trumpet Have you completed the steps in the banner? Once I did that, the banner stopped appearing. If you did complete the steps, maybe your browser is deleting cookies when you close it. That might keep the banner appearing. Just a guess.

    • Hot Pink Trumpet And to add to JoeDid , if you have completed all the steps, and the banner won't go away, please get in touch with support and I bet we can fix that.

  • They never solved the problem, two years later and this is STILL happening. Doesn't look good on the company. 

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