Rogers Mastercard

Are there any plans to get Rogers World Elite Mastercard up and running for importing transactions in YNAB?

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will be happy to look closer!

  • Hi Turquoise Cornet ! 

    Thanks for letting us know you didn't find your financial institution in the list. I hope you’ll take a moment to suggest it in the app, if you haven’t already! 😀

    We share that information with our Direct Import partner, although we can't guarantee if/when a bank might be added. In the meantime, try File Based Import, which allows you to drag-and-drop a file of transactions from your bank into YNAB.

    Let us know if you need any help with that!

    • Nicole at YNAB this is confusing, you say it’s not supported. I was using direct import rogers CC since September and it actually was in the list. The fact that  now YNAM removed it for some issue from Reogers side it’s a different story which is frustrating. 

    • Hi Khaki Lightning !

      I apologize for the confusion! I'm sorry you're frustrated. We use a couple of Direct Import partner's, and my post above was regarding a different provider who never offered support for Rogers Bank. Things vary a little bit, and over time we've used three different ones.

      It looks like you've been talking with our support team via email—so I don't want to repeat the things you've already heard. We'll reach out via email, if we have any updates! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • I'm trying to set-up my Rogers Mastercard.  Do you offer linking for this institution?  I don't see anything when I search 'Rogers'

    • Hi Turquoise Clarinet !

      Rogers is currently not supported by our newest Direct Import partner. If you haven't already, would you mind taking a moment to suggest it in the app?

      We have a few other features to help make entering transactions easy and fast at this point:

      File Based Importing: You can import your transactions by downloading a transaction file (typically OFX or QFX files) from your bank and then importing that file to YNAB.

      Scheduled Transactions: You can plan for future transactions, including repeating ones, right in the account register. Select the frequency of the transaction by using the drop-down menu below the calendar.

      - Mobile apps: We have new apps for iPhone/iPad and Android.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get started! :)

  • Hoping to see this one get added in the future. It's also worth noting that the OFX file import from Rogers Bank fails on YNAB, and the CSV import is missing most fields aside from date and amount.

    • Hi Hot Pink Piranha ! 

      Would you mind taking a second to to suggest it in the app? We pass each suggestion along so our Direct Import partner knows how much a financial institution is requested. :)

  • Please start supporting this card. YNAB is not useful to me without it.

    • Hi Beige Device !

      When you have a moment, please suggest Rogers in the app. That lets our Direct Import partner know that we want to see that institution added when possible! :)

  • There is more to YNAB than direct import, but I'll have to add my subjective vote to include this institution.

    I already have a working habit of manually entering all transactions when they happen so direct import not working is not a big deal. However, I also happen to take pleasure in waking up in the morning and seeing my previous day's transactions getting cleared with my bank - exact values, auto-matched, and all I do is 'approve'. The convenience is above and beyond compared to having to login to the bank's app, open account, search new transactions, try to match with ynab records... or download csv, open folder, click and drag, make sure it worked... but I digress, YNAB is great!

    I've already submitted a suggestion via the app (if you're here looking for answers, please send a suggestion via the app. only way to get more eyes on this! and thanks :)

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    • Ryan Thank you for taking the time to weigh in here and submit the request to have Rogers added! We can't make any promises, but that's the best way to get our import partner to consider it! :)

  • This is stopping me from using YNAB as well.  Hopefully Rogers listens soon.  :/

      • Ryan
      • Budget Warrior
      • ryan_dev
      • 7 mths ago
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      Drek Why? You can still do manual entries and match with the Rogers website manually. Auto-import is a luxury, and I believe we should not rely on it for transaction entries. I agree that Rogers should be added though, so please submit this suggestion via the app.

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      • Drek
      • drek
      • 7 mths ago
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      Ryan I appreciate the suggestion, but just plain don't want to.   When/if Rogers finally participates I'll happily pay for YNAB.

    • Hi Drek and Ryan !

      Sorry for the trouble! Our import partner has run into technical restrictions with Randolph Brooks and has removed it from the list of available financial institutions for the time being. They are working on a solution, but they aren't able to provide a timeline for a fix. Once they're able to repair the connection, Randolph Brooks will be returned to the list.

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