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Hello YNAB,


I tried to input a transaction, and realized that several categories in my budget had disappeared. These were all the most basic categories (gas, groceries, etc.) Wondering what happened to those categories, or if there was a glitch that can be fixed.

Thank you

- gonzilliken14

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  • Hi gonzilliken14! Navy Blue Case 

    That definitely sounds odd! Is it possible those categories could be hidden? If you look at your budget and scroll to the bottom, do you see a hidden section? If so, you can click there to unhide those categories.

    Check there and let me know what you find! :)

  • Nope, not hidden. Just the whole category "Basics" disappeared and now things we had previously put there such as gas filed under "Transportation" are marked as needing a category. 

  • If they were hidden, the transactions wouldn’t show as needing a category. That happens when a category is deleted. Is it possible you deleted the category in error? You can try emailing support and ask them if they can restore your budget to a previous version. You’ll lose any transactions entered since then. Depending on how many transactions are affected, you could recreate the categories and assign the transactions a category.

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