Double Credit card charge & waiting on refund, how to log this?

*New to YNAB user*

A payment was made to a Hosp for $60 on my CC and they ended up double running the card. I now have 2 cleared/posted payments to the Hosp for $60 on my CC. I have contacted them and they are refunding one of those $60 payments.  The charge and refund will be in the same CC statement period.

What do I do with the 2nd charge to the hosp that is still sitting there asking for a category while I know there is a refund coming that hasn't cleared yet and once the refund clears my account how do i categorize it?

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  • I use a Fraud category for incorrect credit card charges. The refund then gets inflowed back to that category.

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  • I like this Fraud category idea quite a lot. Thanks!

  • A related question is what should happen in the budget. The easiest approach is to use an empty Fraud category (going overspent) and move funds from Fraud to the CC Payment if it ever turns green. (There is a timing issue with YNAB's overspending handling, but this "rule" always works.)

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