How to deal with overbudgeting

Hi all!

In the "to be budgeted" section of the app it says -3.82 for example. I'm kind of confused how I get back to zero.  Probably because I haven't budgeted every single dollar. What to do if you lose the overview about how I spent money on the past? Thanks!!

Have a good one!

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  • All you need to do is move money from one or more of your categories back to To Be Budgeted until it reaches zero.

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  • If TBB is -3.82 than you have budgeted 3.82 more than you have.  What do you mean by "I haven't budgeted every single dollar." ?  It appears you've budgeted more than every single dollar.

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  • Hi Sky Blue Violin !

    Overbudgeting is different from overspending. When your To Be Budgeted is negative, it means you've overbudgeted - planned to spend more money than you have. If you have $50 To Be Budgeted, but you budget $53.82 towards Dining Out, then your To Be Budgeted will be -3.82. To fix this, remove some of the funds in your categories (following my example, if you changed the Dining Out amount to $50 then your To Be Budgeted would be $0). :)

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