Teaching YNAB4

So, I'm helping someone who has YNAB4 learn how to use it.  They sort of used it in the past, but didn't really learn the method or software interaction. 

I feel relatively well versed in nYNAB. I saw YNAB 4 for the first time last night.  Does anyone have any tips? There are no goals there, right? Are there any things that might catch us off guard?


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  • No goals.  If you haven’t seen it already, try taking a look around https://classic.youneedabudget.com/

    • a_different_joel Oh, great! I'll send this over. Thanks!

  • Hi Move Light Sound Life !

    We have a Transition Guide all about the changes between YNAB 4 and the online version of YNAB. The biggest changes between the two is credit card handling and the lack of goals and direct import in YNAB 4. 

    If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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       Move Light Sound Life walled months and the red arrow are fairly major differences too.

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