Past month marked as negative, overbugetted (red), Current month marked as $0.00 (green)


I'm new to YNAB. I've been using it for a month and a bit. I was paying close attention all along to the Amount To Be Budgeted number and kept it at $0.00 all along the way. However, now that I've rolled over my first month, reconciled all my accounts and such, my current Amount To Be Budgeted number is $0.00 (green) for November, but if I look back at October, my Amount To Be Budgeted there is negative (red). Should I be concerned about that and correct for it, if so how would I do that? How can that happen? None of my individual categories are Red. Is that number perhaps the cumulative credit card spending for October that is still outstanding?


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  • A red To Be Budgeted (TBB) is caused by you allocating more money than you possess. Nothing to do with transactions.

    It's not red in Nov because you increased the Nov TBB. The likely caused are you simply received new money (categorized as TBB and dated in Nov) or removed money from a category in the Nov area (negative budget value).

    You can ignore the Oct. budget, as the deficit has already been taken out of the Nov. TBB. Budget TBB (in Nov) to $0 and move forward.

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