0% Credit Card - Don't Want to Budget the Transactions

I have a 0% credit card that I'm using for a home renovation budget. I don't want to start paying it off for 1 year.

How do I track the current transactions that I'm putting onto the card? I want to see the accurate credit card amount for visibility, but I don't want the transaction amounts to be put in a budget and the $ to be pulled out of my available $. Is this possible? 

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  • Either don't budget for the spending or move the money back to the spending category from the credit card payment category.

    That said, even though it's a zero percent rate, you should still budget for the speeding you just don't have to send it off to the credit card for 11 months. By not keeping it in the CC payment category, you risk spending more than you can afford.

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      "spending" not speeding.

  • Could you just create the card it's own budget then add it to you main budge when you're ready to start paying it?

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      Tina of the Valley Why on earth would you do that?! And no, I don't believe you can create a budget with just a credit card account.

      The fact is, the spending happened. YNAB is supposed to reflect reality.

      When I did something similar (dental expenses that I couldn't budget for but that were on a 0% interest for a limited time deal), I recorded the transaction, left the category overspent (it zeroes when the month flips, adding new debt to the card), and budgeted directly to the payment category for the payments on the card.

      Non-budgeted Credit Spending official instructions

      Slate Blue Moose Do you not have to still make minimum payments in the interim?

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    • bevocat That article was super helpful! After reading it, I can treat this as "non budgeted spending." 

      Yes, I do make minimum payments which I'm budgeting on the card. 

      I think I have it figured out. This is my first month using YNAB so I'm still learning how to set it all up. Thanks for the help.

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