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Hi YNABer's,

I've been using YNAB for a few months or so now and I think i'm getting the hang of it for the most part but i've recently found some troubles with how I budget weekly expenses.

This past month i've moved out of my parents place and living with friends.  YIPPE! I get paid weekly and my rent is also due weekly...  I'm not sure how to go about using YNAB for this style of in/outgoing?

I've tried setting my monthly rent as a goal but it doesn't work because as soon as i get paid, the money is then going out of my account to my land lady, thus my monthly goal is never achieved.  

Would it be best to set my monthly goal as my weekly rent and then budget that money and set an outgoing straight away?

I've thought about not having "Rent" on my budget at all and just removing rent money from the equation all together (Im in NZ, my bank account isn't automatic so I have to physically input my wages each week).  Than maybe having a "Rent Overflow" account so that I could move any left over money from other budgets to build my rent budget?

I hope that makes sense?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated on weekly in/outgoings.

Thanks in advance,


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  • Congrats on getting out of the parents house. 

    How I would handle this is in the template/register, set a weekly bill for $xxx it will show you that the category is underfunded (Orange) but each payday you put $x.xx into it and that covers the weekly amount and the underfunded goes down. 

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  • Hi Lucas! LucasBenjamin

    I second what Ruff16965 suggested. Scheduled Transactions allow you to use the Underfunded Quick Budget option, and it'll prompt you when that transaction is coming up so that you budget in advance for it (in your case, every week). You can continue to build a buffer for it, and eventually you should be able to start using last month's income to pay rent. :)

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