YNAB Bug? Reconciling Issue

Although my credit card transactions reconciles with YNAB, the application is saying that my cleared balance is $246.40 higher than my credit card statement.  How can this be when YNAB's cleared balance is $7,528.78 and my credit card balance is $7,775.18?  I would welcome any help with this.  

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  • Assuming you have checked every transaction and confirmed their amounts, look for a transaction in the amount of $123.20 that should've been an outflow but was an inflow. 

  • I suspect the problem may have to do with a fix I did last month to correct a category's activity. I categorized a payment but did not have the funds to move from the credit card payment category to cover it. 

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      Powder Blue Tiger  what happens in the budget doesn’t have anything to do with the reconciliation on your accounts.  If your cleared balances don’t match, there’s a transaction that’s off somewhere. 

  • Powder Blue Tiger Were you able to find the transaction causing the issue?

    Since we don't have access to your bank information (which we shouldn't have!), we can't compare transactions and help find those errors – but we do have resources for you. In our Help Docs, you can follow step-by-step instructions on how to reconcile your accounts. Make sure to check out the video near the bottom!

    Here are a few things that could be throwing off your balance in YNAB:
    - missing transactions that need to be entered
    - an incorrect starting balance
    - transactions that are cleared at the bank that don't have the green "C" in YNAB
    - inverted numbers (entering $20.54 instead of $20.45)
    - entering a transaction as outflow instead of an inflow

    Look for any of these between now and the last time you reconciled. If things still don't add up, let me know and we can take a closer look at things!

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