Minimum Account Balances Got Budgeted!

I discovered a mistake I had been making with YNAB for the past several months that really caused a problem this month when my money got tight! As we know, every penny in your accounts is supposed to be budgeted to a category. This particular month, I pretty much needed every penny in my main 2 accounts for upcoming expenditures, so I was budgeting them into the necessary categories. But then my credit card bill came due, and I realized my bank account would be below the minimum required deposit once I paid the credit card! I have to keep $100 in the account at all times, so that money basically can't be budgeted to anything. I have now created a "bank accnt minimum" category where I put those minimum balances, and that money will sadly just sit there, but I don't see any other way to do this. I wanted to post this issue here (hopefully in the correct section) in case other people had this problem, and to warn anybody who might be making this mistake as well. It would be great if YNAB added a minimum balance feature of some well as helping to prevent mistakes like budgeting my savings account funds into spendable categories, which I keep doing by those two things together really screwed up my month. Oh well, now I know!

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  • It could also simply be part of your Emergency Fund, or as it seems based on the contents of your post, the beginning of your Emergency fund. After all, you would use that money if you had to in an emergency.

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  • My bank shows an 'Available Balance' online, which is the true balance minus the minimum .  If you have the same, one option might be to remove 100 from your balance in YNAB (and remove 100 from your budget) and reconcile against the 'Available Balance' going forward. 

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