Automatically rename Payee to "Transfer to / From..."

I have a Checking account and a Paypal account. When I buy something through paypal / ebay, I get a txn in my bank account "DIRECT DEBIT TO PAYPAL xxxx" which eventually will match with an inflow txn to my Paypal account.


I want to automatically change the Payee name to say "Transfer to/from: Paypal Account" - not just a rename but to actually add to my paypal account in YNAB. I cannot find a way to do this automatically.

Worse is that if I have 10 of these txns in a month, I have to change the payee one by one because I cannot multiselect and then bulk change the Payee


Is there a way to do this automatically or at least bulk change a payee name?


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  • Hi Aquamarine Snow !

    This can be done using the Payee Management feature. As long as your PayPal Account is included in your budget, give these steps a try:

    1. Click on your email address in the upper left hand corner of your budget.
    2. Select Manage Payees.
    3. Find the "Transfer: PayPal Account" option
    4. Enter an option for contains: "Debit to PayPal xxxx"

    All new transactions that import with a "Debit to PayPal xxx" payee will automatically change to a transfer between the accounts. :)

  • aha! That looks like exactly what I couldn't find. I've set it up and will see what happens on my next import. I believe it should work now, thanks very much :-)

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    • Aquamarine Snow You're very welcome! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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