How do you reset your budget each month?

I have been trying to figure this out.. how to resent the budget back each month and fill all the envelopes? Thanks for help

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  • You don't have to, the category holds the money, until you use it.


    Any new income does need to be budgeted.


    Have you taken any of the classes? They are really helpful

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  • Hey there,  Slate Gray Barnacle (a0d01c71fcf2) ! I'd love to help with that. :-)

    As  negrcian mentioned, you don't need to reset your budget each month. Here's how YNAB will help when the month rolls over:

    Positive amounts in your categories will roll over into the next month. Negative amounts will not. What happens to those overspending amounts depends on whether the overspending was with cash or credit.

    • If cash, that amount will be deducted from To be Budgeted in the new month.
    • If credit, the overspent amount  will be represented as an increased balance on your credit card account.

    You'll also notice all your Budgeted values will be $0. It's a new month, and it's time for a new budget. You can budget category-by-category, or you can use the Quick Budget options on the right-hand sidebar in the web app.

    We also have an article about when the month rolls over, so check it out and let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Thank you- yes thats what I meant, new income. I thought it may reset monthly to your set budget based on your monthly income but sounds like it has to be manually filled every month. Thanks for the help

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Slate Gray Barnacle (a0d01c71fcf2) If you want to get to the point where you can budget the next month in its entirety from your monthly income, you need to get a month ahead in your budgeting, because you can only budget with money that you have.

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      Slate Gray Barnacle (a0d01c71fcf2) You don't have to re-fill manually, you can use the "quick budget" buttons to fill categories using last month amounts, underfunded (if you have goals or upcoming transactions), average spending, and more.

      You can apply these buttons to groups of selected categories, as well as one by one.

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