I haven't been using it, because I don't get it and the #s are off....

My to be budgeted numbers are always off....I just don't understand how it works..  I have a year subscription and would like to make it work because spreadsheets work but don't make it easy.  I need something that is going to keep me on track and get caught up.  Please help!!



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    • Abby
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    • abbydawn
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    Your To Be Budgeted number is simply the amount of money that you have access to but hasn't been given a job in your budget. You'll see that number increase as you earn money, and decrease as you budget that money out to your budget categories.

    If you want help, you'll probably need to give us more of an explanation. When you say the TBB is "always off", what do you mean? What are you expecting, and what is YNAB showing you instead?

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  • Hi Cary, we'll be happy to help! It sounds like you're just getting started and don't quite get how your budget fits together. If you'd like, one of us on the team can take a look at your budget and send you an explanation of your situation and some next steps. Just email us at [email protected] ! 馃榾

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  • I prefer my TBB number to be zero, that is all my dollars have a job and only one job, cause that is Rule #1.

    Janelle at YNAB a good sticky post in the Getting Started section would be 1 highlighting the 4 Rules and a link to the current class list, I think it would help users when they are cirst coming to terms with a new way of budgeting.

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    • negrcian That's a great idea! It may take us a few days, but I'll put this on our list to add to that section! :) 

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      • negrcian
      • negrcian
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Janelle at YNAB , nice job on the Rules post , thanks

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  • ITGuruFinancialFailure said:
    My to be budgeted numbers are always off....I just don't understand how it works.. 

     Here's the thing to keep at the forefront of your mind: this is an envelope system. You're just not physically going to the bank, cashing your paycheque, and stuffing your cash into physical envelopes.

    You say you haven't been budgeting. May I suggest that you do a fresh start? You'll keep your category names but it will zero out all the budget numbers and delete any transactions you have. There is a backup copy in case you want to go back to it.

    So, you now have a shiny new budget. Choose the account you use most often. I'm going to assume it's a chequing account. Put in the starting balance for this account. Flip to the budget screen and give those dollars jobs. Ask yourself, "what do I have to do before I get paid again". Examples of these could be: fill the car with gas/top up a metro pass; buy groceries; electric bill due; social event you committed to.

    Once TBB hits 0, stop budgeting. This is key. Spend (or save) according to the plan until you get paid again. 

    Once you understand this, the next step is to take one of the YNAB classes. They're  free and fantastic. Take them multiple times. Ask questions. You can do this. YNAB is different from other budget systems, so the learning curve can be steep. But you'll get there.

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    • pureneon
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    • pureneon
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I started using YNAB in February of this year and for 6 months found that my spending was getting better but my budget would always be off and I would be short for bills. I was bored on Youtube one day and decided to type in YNAB and came across the video of Budgeting When You're Broke - everything finally clicked and suddenly made sense. 


    Most of the classes offered are normally in the early hours of the morning for me and this video was a recording of one of those classes. I'd suggest you make a fresh start from today (your current budget will be saved) and follow the video - the video has ads and I don't think it's posted by an official YNAB channel so I won't link it here but it's not hard to find. Alternatively, you can join one of the classes since you've got a subscription ;)

      • Jen
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      • Jen_c
      • 3 yrs ago
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      pureneon that class is so great! I think it's been renamed and is now Budgeting When Money is Tight -- you'll find it here in our list of the workshop recordings as Budgeting on the Edge.

      And anyone can sign up for those workshops, whether they're subscribed, on trial, or have never logged in to YNAB ever. They're totally free!

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