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I run a small nonprofit with several college-age staff, who I want to teach about budgeting by giving them some ownership in our budgeting process.  In other words, I want to use YNAB for my work.


My wife and I already have a shared YNAB account.  Can I have two on the same phone?  What would be the best way to add this new work-account?  With a separate email/password login, the same one I already have? 

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    You can have multiple budgets within your YNAB account, but currently, sharing budgets with others requires you to share the same username and password. Assuming the privacy of your personal financial info is important to you, and you don't want to risk others changing your budgeting data, you'd probably need a completely separate YNAB account for your work, with a new username and password.

    You can technically use multiple accounts on the same phone, but it would require logging out and logging in each time, which may be a little annoying.

  • Hi Sea Green Cornet ,

    What Ben said is absolutely correct!

    Each YNAB account will require a separate email address. You can login to multiple YNAB accounts from the same device, you'd just need to log out of your first one (the one you share with your wife) and log in to the second one (the one you share with your staff). 

    Just be careful not to make changes to one budget that you mean to make in another (like accidentally entering lunch in your business budget instead of your personal budget, or vice versa).

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