Dealing with transfers when the dates differ between accounts

I have two accounts, and the transfers between the two accounts can take three to four days to appear on both. To be extra confusing, the money appears in the destination before it disappears from the source. 


In YNAB, if I change the transaction date in one account, it changes it at the other. This means that one or the other account has transactions in the wrong place and makes it hard to track. Is there any way to have different dates?

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    What kind of trouble is this causing for you?

    I always use the earlier date regardless of which side of the transfer happens first in the accounts. You still need to be aware of your account balances before making transactions, whether you have a transfer or not.

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  • As far as I am concerned the correct date is the date that I initiate the transfer not the date it clears. On the date it clears in either account, I click the Clear button certainly, but otherwise I don't care. For example, I initiated a bill pay on Sunday so that's what I put in my register. My bank isn't going to initiate it until today. And it won't clear the CC until at least tomorrow. I'm keeping it as Nov 26 in my register regardless.

    It's like in the ancient times of having a check book - I wrote the check for the credit card bill on the 5th. Managed to get it in the mail on the 7th. CC company cashed it on the 13th. I certainly didn't go back and change my check register from the 5th to the 13th. If you are using direct import to double check (which I don't do), 3-4 days will be in the window that it uses for matching transactions.

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  • Hi,  Coral Dragon . Great question and I agree with the discussion that has followed. 

    There isn't a way to enter different dates in the two sides of a single transfer. Like others have said, I also prefer to keep the original date that I made the transfer rather than changing to match the date it clears the bank. 

    However, it sounds like you're having trouble finding the transaction to clear it. Is that right? Filtering for uncleared transactions (deselect "Reconciled Transactions" may help with this. Or you could search for "transfer" in the Payee name to narrow your choices. 

    I’m going to mark this as answered, but please feel free to tag me in a reply if I can tie up any more loose ends for you!

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