Welcome to the super-secret API forum area 😎! A few important pieces of information:

  1. Check out the official documentation for the API. The documentation will likely change and be updated frequently based on your feedback, so thank you in advance! :) 
  2. We know there will be features you want to see included that aren't available yet. We're looking forward to making improvements and additions based on your suggestions, so feel free to start a topic with your ideas!
  3. Brady at YNAB and Taytay will be helping answer your questions here! We're so excited to use the new forum in this way. 
  4. As we roll this out to the first few users, we'd like to keep the API under wraps for now. You can help us by keeping all mention of the API limited to this forum category. We know - we want to shout it from the (Reddit) rooftops, too ;)
  5. Finally, be sure to let us know when you have something built! We're excited to see what you come up with :) 


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