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  In Quicken I can pay bills directly online from the app. Can YNAB do that?

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  •  No, YNAB is a budgeting app, not a money management app

  • Hey  Brent Holm ,  negrcian 's right, there's not a way to pay bills directly from the app. Thanks for the question though!

  • Thanks for the responses. I am currently using Quicken primarily for tracking and bill pay since it doesn't do budgeting the way I like. Thus, I am evaluating YNAB. I love it's budgeting and am determining how to do bill pay without it. I probably will need to use my Bank's interface, which I find cumbersome.

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      Brent Holm I have used YNAB since the beginning of 2012, starting with YNAB3.  I now use the current web based version.  I do all of my bill pay through my online banking and don't really find it to be cumbersome.  I just schedule the payment in my online banking and then put it in YNAB as a scheduled entry.  Maybe I'm just used to doing it this way, and maybe the online interface for my bank is just more user friendly than your bank.  At any rate, while bill pay from Quicken is convenient, I don't use Quicken because I'm all in on envelope based budgeting and haven't found anything that does it better than YNAB.  I hope that you find what works best for you and hope this is of some help in your decision.

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  • Can YNAB take it as a feature request? I would love to pay the CC bills from YNAB app / authorize YNAB to pay automatically every K days. 

    • Hi Slate Blue Yearling !

      You can submit a Feature Request for that option! However, that's treading some deeper waters that we haven't decided to traverse yet. Right now, YNAB asks for read-only access to your budget - this means YNAB can see your transactions, but doesn't have the ability to change or interact with anything in your bank account directly. To take on the ability to pay bills through YNAB, this would have to change, but putting it on our development team's radar can't hurt! :)

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