First full month, struggling with credit card budgets

I finally made the jump from desktop YNAB to the new web/mobile app. May is my first full month using the new setup. Overall the experience has been great.

I went down the path of a fresh start budget. I set my credit card budgets to the starting balances as of April 30. At the end of the month now my budgeted credit card amounts do not match up with the actual balances as of May 31. I pay the full statement amount for every credit card monthly and made a payment on all them in the course of this month.

Am I doing something wrong... What's the best way to reset the credit card budget balances for June? Should I update them to reflect the balance as of May 31? I'm worried that I'm going to have to do this constantly.

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  • If you are a pay in full user, the amount available in the credit card payment category should always match the credit card account working balance (on the left hand side of your screen on the web view). Though of course the account balance will be negative and the category available will be positive. You must adjust your budget to make this so. There are any number of reasons why they will get out of sync such as returns, cash back redemption, and incorrectly setting up the starting balance. Another big one is say that you have used your Dining Out category and only used the CC for budgeted transactions throughout the month. Then one day you use cash in the Dining Out category and manage to overspend the category. YNAB will push the overspend to the credit card account even though the transaction that took it over the threshold was a cash transaction. This is why you must babysit the credit card payment category throughout the month. It's a PITA for a paid in full user.

    No need to wait to do this in your June budget. This version of YNAB  has no walls between months, so fix it right now.

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      jenmas Thank you. This clarifies a lot for me.

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