My YNAB journey has been a huge success

Just got on the board to sing my praises for YNAB and comment on all the new features.  When I got here all I saw was several posts from dissatisfied users.  It amazes me everyone doesn’t just love this program.

I have learned how to manage money, thanks to YNAB.  I went from paycheck to paycheck, with some credit card debt I just could not get out from under, terrified to spend anything, to money in the bank and money actually put aside for spending and fun.  I’m loving my new world since I found YNAB.  And have a respectable cash cushion for the first time in my life.

Yeah, there are things I would like to be different, like a running balance or better updating on the account balances, and those are so minor I simply learned to live with them and moved on.

I like the new change of adding the goal amount on the main budget page.  It allows me to see how much I want to put there and saves some steps when working my budget on a regular basis.

Not so wild about the new color scheme and I’m working with it.

Still not sure exactly what the Age of Money measures, and I enjoy watching it grow.

Like that the main page now shows how long since the accounts have synced.  Most times I just make sure it does link, if not, I can do it manually.  It works.

I started using YNAB one year before this graph starts.  My first couple of years were a slow start, and I’m picking up steam now.  It has been a long road, learning how to manage my finances.  There have been bumps, some things took longer to learn than others, some things I had to learn to do completely differently, and some things that only the toolkit could fix.  I’m glad I stuck with it, and didn’t let the small stuff stop me.  It has been a wonderful road so far and I hope to keep traveling, and learning, for a long time to come.  Things just keep getting better and better, financially.  Other ways also.

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  • MsTJ Thank you so much for taking the time to share your YNAB wins with us!  I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling more confident with your finances, and sticking with your budget. The dedication and hard work really shows! 📊

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  • I'm with you - overall this program has helped us so much that I don't understand people's quibbles with it.

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