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Hey! No idea if this is feasible at all, but I have found myself in a place where I help a lot of people put budgets together. I have created a process to walk through helping them get their financial life accounted for and in order. Usually, that ends in a pretty strong push for them to use YNAB. I was wondering if it's at all possible to add a feature to create accounts via the API? I would love to finish these sessions by having them log into an already set up YNAB with their budgets and new plan already entered. Thoughts? 

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  • Hi Trey Corple Just to clarify--you're looking to create user accounts (their whole YNAB account) via the API, correct? And not just adding bank account lists?

    I can definitely pass your request along, but because there's a subscription fee and specific onboarding steps we like users to go through, I think our developers would be hesitant to put anything in place where someone could create an account for a person who may not want it--your intentions seem great, and thanks so much for sharing YNAB! 

  • I appreciate the response! I figured that would be the case. Yeah creating the whole account would be nice. Just lets me skip the step of creating it with them and then building out YNAB with / for them. Totally understand the hesitation though. Just trying to share the YNAB love :)

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