Next month says "Overbudgeted", haven't touched it yet. So why.

Currently in this month are to be budgeted says zero we've budgeted every dollar like we're supposed to I haven't overspent and there are two categories left because there will be another paycheck this month and they have not been funded yet.


I clicked over into next month just to make sure a goal I had put in was changed appropriately and it says that we are over budgeted $40.99 now there is nothing on the budgeted column for March so I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on and if I did something or if this is something that needs to be addressed or if this is something that will figure itself out at the end of the month when we switch over to next month.   


I tried to Google this and look it up in the forums the closest things I were finding were about overspending which I haven't overspent anything and I haven't touched March yet so I want to know why it's telling me I'm over budgeted. 

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  • Edit: Sorry, I missed that you haven't budgeted in March. Are you sure you haven't overspent anything in February? Maybe in a hidden or collapsed category?

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      Move Light Sound Life I do not think so.  I'm just going to go through and try to figure out if there was a purchase for that amount or something.  I know that it has to be something because YNAB hasn't let me down yet! 

    • Lyss Try looking in the web app, if you can. It's much easier to see things, IMO. 

      There are only two ways that I know of to make the next month's TBB go negative.

      1. Cash overspending in Feb will automatically be pulled from March's TBB.

      2. If you have budgeted in the March (or any future month's) page while it's still currently February, you are subject to what forum people call Stealing From The Future. This is the phenomenon where you're changing numbers in the current month, and you go negative in TBB, but YNAB only displays that fact in the future-most month budgeted (which you're not looking at). There is absolutely no good reason for this to happen in the software, but it causes people that thought they were budgeted to 0 to come up short when the month turns. 

      If you really haven't budgeted *anything* in March, there's got to be some can overspending somewhere in February.  It couldn't be SFTF because any overbudgeting warning would appear in February. 

      Good luck! You could also ask support to take a look. 

  • Hi,  Lyss ! Happy to help you determine why To be Budgeted is lower in the future than you were expecting to see. :)

    I see that the app says you've overbudgeted in March. Overbudgeting means that you've budgeted more money to your categories than you have available. Because you don't see any overspending, I suspect something may have happened while moving Available money around in the March budget, then going back to February and moving that same money again. We can help you identify just what occurred if you'd like. Please enable Support Access for your account, which will allow us to check out your budget, then reach out to our support team right from your budget.

    No matter what, to correct overbudgeting, reduce the amount of money you have budgeted to your various categories in March until your To be Budgeted balance is $0. Check out our Correct Overbudgeting video to see this in action.  

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