Temporary (within month) overspend and TBB

I bought something for my daughter a week ago (in Feb) on my credit card, it cost $32. This put the category in overspend. I did not address the overspend in my budget, and paused moving any money in my budget.

A couple of days later, I received $50 cash and $2 checking account interest. I entered these and categorized them both as TBB, but didn't budget them and didn't even pay attention to what YNAB said I had in TBB.

Daughter reimbursed me in cash today. I entered the amount as positive against the overspent category, which is now zeroed out.

Problem: my TBB is $20 instead of $52, the difference being the exact amount of this temporary credit card overspend.

My credit cards all have payment amounts equal to (but opposite sign) the working balances.

Any ideas where the $32 I was expecting in TBB went?

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  • Hi! I love your tag line!

    If I were trying to figure this out, I would probably change the date on the $52 inflows to be tomorrow so that I can see what's going on without them.  

    If it all looks good, change the date to today (only because it's easy - you could go back to the original date) to see what happens to TBB.

    Aside from that, try making sure the transactions are in the correct accounts. Do you have a cash/wallet account, or did you deposit it in checking?

  • Move Light Sound Life 
    (gotta love PG Wodehouse, esp in these troubled times...)

    Thanks so much for your suggestion. Messing around with the dates led me to the culprit, stealing from the future. I have something budgeted out a few months into the future, and when I finally thought to navigate to the last month, I found the red -$32 TBB. Gah!

    Problem solved, thanks again.

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