Payment to CC in spending telling me I need a category

I have my CC under tracking not budget. When I add a payment to my credit card (with the money sitting in my cc category for my budget). I use to just pick transfer/payment click on the appropriate credit card the category would grey out and the amount would be taken from the cc in my budget.

Now it insists I need to pick a category for the transaction, which wouldn't be a problem but my cc are not an option so it looks like the money hasn't been taken out of the appropriate account. 

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  • When transfering money to an account outside the budget, a category is required because money is leaving the budget.

    Only transfers between accounts in the budget do not require categories.

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  • Hello, Slate Gray Yeti !

    It sounds like this credit card used to be a Budget account, but you made a new Tracking account version of it to focus on paying down the balance. Is that right?

    If so, here's what you'll want to do:

    1. Create a new category to use for budgeting to pay down this card. Call it whatever you want as long as it isn't exactly the same as the name of the existing Credit Card Payment category.
    2. Move all the money from the old Credit Card Payment category to the new one you just created.
    3. Hide the old Credit Card Payment category.
    4. Edit the payment transaction, and use the new category.

    That should do it! Please let me know if you run into trouble.

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