Adjusting starting checking account balance.

So I'm 3 days in and have already performed a fresh start after watching a couple youtube videos trying to get thing sorted out.  My issue now is I have started my new budget today which is the 4th and started adding in transactions, building a budget template with goals, etc. I then got a notification that I had account data to import from my checking account. After importing the transactions I have been trying to categorize and fund them but the problem I am having is the budget started out with my checking account balance as of today but now I have to categorize and fund transactions that have already cleared so when I fund them it shows I have overspent. I don't know if I am being clear or even using the right terminology. That half the battle in getting started with the software.  Thanks for any help in advance!

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A-A Ron

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  • If you are sure the transactions imported are already included in the starting balance, delete those imported transactions

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