Any Dashboards or Templates to Analyze and Project using YNAB Exports?

I've started on a Workbook that takes the YNAB export and breaks it into various pivot tables with calculated fields, tables with actual and projected account balances, trends, cashflow analysis (with/without transfers and payoff rates), loan/net worth tracking, graphs, and useful worksheets as tools (Interest rate, amort tables, etc).

Someone has to already done something like this though, right? I can't find one and wouldn't mind paying if it is even better than what I currently know how to create. A nice dashboard layout for instance with 'what-if's' as I near early retirement which let me compare various scenarios. Options like Tableau just don't fit my needs well enough.

All the ones I've found do not lend themselves well to the tabular export format which I would have figured be common in the personal finance market like it is most anywhere in finance/accounting.

Note: Just to get ahead of it. I am not blaming YNAB for lacking this sort of functionality nor am I saying that YNAB'ers should use something like what I am describing. Quicken had a lot of analysis features that I miss but YNAB is strictly better so I plan on supplementing it with something that continues where it leaves off.

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  • Hi, there! We have a list of all of the community applications created to work with YNAB here, and it seems like the closest APIs are:

    • The Insights for YNAB connector to Google Data Studio—which links your data to GDS, but leaves creating the reports up to you.
    • Budget Reports, which offers a variety of trend graphs and a retirement calculator.

    I haven't seen any tools yet that offer YNABers the ability to forecast and run simulations. I'm curious about this, too! :) 

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    • Dela Thanks for a link to that list!  I've been a long time YNAB user and never knew it existed.  A quick question: some of the apps immediately ask to "Authorize YNAB" before even seeing what they are, beyond very basic descriptions.  If I authorize them, where would I go to unauthorize them, if I change my mind?

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      ukimagic209 said:
      If I authorize them, where would I go to unauthorize them, if I change my mind?

       Click on the budget name (top left) and from the menu, select "Account Settings"  scroll down towards the bottom, and there will be a section of authorized apps (don't remember what it's called, but I do remember seeing it there, and "removing" something I had at one point added, but never used.ukimagic209 

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    • Bruce Thanks!  It's pretty far down in the settings, but it's there. 👍🏻

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