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Hi there,

I'm new to YNAB and I'm having trouble with my credit card.  If anyone has insight on this, I would greatly appreciate it. 

1) I started my budget in March. I entered the starting balance on my credit card and then proceeded to use the card and enter transactions per the YNAB way. Last week I thought I paid my credit card off in full, but there were some hidden pending transactions that my online banking didn't show.  I reviewed every transaction and I had entered all of them correctly since starting my budget in March. My real life and YNAB balances were slightly off, which I figured was a result of entering the incorrect starting balance when I started my budget (again, since my online credit card balance snap shot isn't always up-to-date accurate I thought this was the issue). So I reconciled and manually adjusted my YNAB credit card balance to zero to reflect the fact that I thought my real life balance was zero.

Fast-forward a week and I realize that there were three pending transactions that showed up on my credit card for $131. So my balance was, in fact, $131. I have now paid that off in real life. The problem is twofold: a) how do I categorize that $131 credit card payment that came out of my chequing account, and b) YNAB thought my balance was at zero when in fact it was -$131, so now if I add the $131 transaction it will think I have a $131 credit when in fact my balance is zero. Help!

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  • You need to start by making sure you always keep your credit card transactions up to date, and making sure those transactions are budgeted for. Only then will YNAB tell you how much money you have set aside to make a payment on your credit card. You cannot send more money than is in your payment category.

    Credit card payments are set up in YNAB as a transfer from the checking account to the credit card account.

  • I would just edit the reconciliation adjustment you already made so the current balance is accurate. Alternatively, you could reconcile again and make another adjustment transaction, but either way you want the cleared balance to match the real world.

    I would also log into the CC's website to verify today's balance really is $0.

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