cash advance to fund a new bank account

Hoping someone has an answer. I opened a bank and funded used a credit card to get airline points. Unfortunately it got tagged as a cash advance; so I had to pay off that card immediately to avoid fees. The bank was funded, however, and the cc was paid off out of a 2nd bank and was categorized in ynab as a transfer out of 2nd bank and into credit card account. Weeks later I used the money (originally a cash advance) in the new bank to pay a different cc monthly statement. The payment was categorized in ynab as a transfer from new bank to the 2nd cc account. Funds in the new bank were outflowed from the bank and inflowed to the cc account. The prob is that this cc payment is showing in future months of ynab as over-spending in red, even though all funds are accounted. Thoughts on how to resolve? TIA!

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  • When you got the cash advance, that should have been a transfer from the CC to the new account. This would have increased To Be budgeted. You should budget money back to the CC Payment category to reflect your intention of not increasing debt. (You effectively used the CC as a debit card.) Also, money is interchangeable, so it doesn't matter which account you used to pay the first CC.

    • dakinemaui I actually did something even more bone-headed.  I paid the cash advance off from already budgeted funds. 😑  Not sure why I didn't notice this as ynab surely was trying to tell me many weeks ago.   Thanks for the response!

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