Wins after 2 weeks

A warm hi from Hungary :)

I started to use YNAB since more then 2 weeks. It is very productive (and I thought I am bad with money and budgeting before).

1st win: I realized I spent a lot of money on stupid things at the first half of the month when I didn't have YNAB. I was at the edge of not beeing able to fund anything properly that really mattered for me. So YNAB saved me at the last second. Now I had to have a strict budget for two weeks to correct that, but thankfully I am on the good track. Next month will be easier bcs I will use YNAB from the beginning of the month.

2nd win: I realized I am paying for things I haven't thought before, e.g. bank fees.

3rd win: I realized I am spending little on groceries but a lot on dining out (I thought it is the opposite way)

4th win: It is just soo much fun! Like a virtual game with virtual money! I am constantly trying to improve my plans and categories to have the best set up.

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  • It is always exciting to have new people join us. And I love your fourth win of it being fun and like a game. I know that I am now trying to figure out ways to improve our financial standing but hadn't thought of it as a game. 

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  • Glad to have you on board! It is a fun game. Your net worth graph is the score card. I've become a big winner since I discovered YNAB! 😄I've gone pro. 😎

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  • Hello Tan Hammer ! I'm glad that you've joined us here in the Forum. Welcome to You Need A Budget! 🎉

    The visibility of having all your expenses laid out can be enlightening, and an important step in to aligning your money with your priorities. Optimizing and testing out scenarios can feel like a game! It reminds me of this Steam review of our previous version. 😂

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