category with no option to rename or delete

Just getting started with YNAB and loving it, currently setting up my budget and renaming + moving categories around. One category ("Software Subscriptions") has no option to delete or rename, only to hide. So far I haven't used this category yet, so I'm wondering what's going on, and why some categories would or wouldn't have this option. I'd prefer to delete it, especially with no option to rename it later.

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  • I suspect you will need to change your settings to allow YNAB Support to look at your budget. The only categories I know that cannot be renamed/deleted are those associated with the credit card accounts. That doesn't sound like the case here.

  • Hey Gray Cartridge ! Welcome to YNAB! That does sound odd. I'd expect the delete and rename buttons to show for that category (credit cards are the exception, as dakinemaui mentioned). What browser are you using?

    I think the best move is to have our Bugs team look closer. You can submit a Bug Report and they'll help get it sorted out!

  • Thank you guys for the swift responses, appreciate it - I'll send a bug report as Nicole suggests.

  • Now hold on one second. I unhide the category so I can screen grab it for the bug report... and now the options to rename and delete are there. So I deleted it. No bug report will be filed. If it's of use, I did update the app in the browser earlier today, wonder if that had anything to do with it. Cheers!

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