Move credit card payment to a new group

How do you move a category from the “Credit Card Payments” group to a new group?  I am using the mobile version; While in the Budget module, I select Edit, and I can drag and drop categories between groups to my heart’s content—except for those under Credit Card Payments” group.  I can drag them around, but they simply float back to the Credit Card Payments groups.  

The reason I want to do this is to create Fixed and Variable category groups, so I can arrange regular payments in the budget by due date.  At the moment, I am paying the same amount to any given card on the same date each month, so to me it is a “Fixed” expense. 


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  • Those categories can't be moved.

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  • If you're just paying down a card, it doesn't need to be an account in YNAB. You can just treat that payment like any other bill, make a category, and put it wherever you like.

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