Whoa... Man did I mess up my budget transferring credit card account transactions to newly created tracking liability accounts!

I've actually got a newly submitted support ticket on this, but figured I'd put it in the forum just in case anyone else happens to do this same thing.

Recently put about 10 credit cards into a debt management program, so I wanted to get them out of my budget. I followed some sweet directions that support gave me and it all worked, EXCEPT that I really should have thought harder about the subtle caution they provided about losing categories lol.

Long story short, I've got over 30 uncategorized transactions that I'm at a loss what do do with, because they were payments to the credit card accounts that were deleted. They still show in the new tracking accounts for those credit cards, but they also show in the budget as uncategorized. And to make matters worse, instead of a "$0.00" To Be Budgeted", now its over budget by $600+ and the really weird part is it shows random available money in green ovals for payments to the remaining credit cards as well as the interest and fees category.

Oh no... What have I done :-( 

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  • Categorize them to whatever debt reduction category you'll use in the future for credit card payments? Then figure out how to make the budget balance. It might mean moving things around that you thought you'd set, but once it's balanced, you can move forward.

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  • I would also delete those tracking accounts. That's going to be a lot of work trying to get your debt program payment distributed to the various accounts. What are you going to get out of looking at all those numbers? They're on your debt program statement if you really want to see them, aren't they?

    • dakinemaui I really enjoy having the option of seeing the effect of paying my CC (not tracking) and student loan (a single tracking account for the statement total of all loans) debt in the net worth report.

      Depending on the debt consolidation, work could be saved by using just one tracking account. 

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  • In the future, don’t delete accounts, close them and don’t delete categories that have been used, hide them.

  • As usual, the awesome support staff at YNAB got back to me already and helped me straighten out the mess!

    It was a matter of categorizing all the uncategorized transactions into to be budgeted, (which then became even a bigger negative deficit), then moving money from a bunch of categories with erroneous positive available amounts into the TBB. It all zeroed out and I'm pretty sure its back to normal.

    I also like tracking the CC accounts in the DMP because they get paid down individually and paid off at different times. Many of them still have the direct import/ linked feature working so I'll actively be engaged with them still. I can reference them from the DMP portal as well. But if that does become a nuisance, I'll just close them. For now, I'll see how it goes.

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