deleted entire 'budget column' to zero in error


I accidentally zeroed all my 'budget' column on my iPhone app, which I now know doesn't have the 'undo last action' facility. Can anyone tell me a) What is the best way to resolve this? b) what is the impact of this into the future if I leave it as is? c) should I use the Quick Budget option as suggested by the help desk and what does that mean?

I do need a Dummies Guide here

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  • HI Orange Hammerhead !

    It sounds like you hit one of the Quick Budget options (Reset Budgeted Amounts) by mistake. The best way to resolve this is to go back through your categories and re-budget the funds you need in each category. If you remember the amounts, then great! If not, this is the perfect time to ask yourself how much you really need to budget towards each category and possibly make some adjustments. Some YNABers include funding amounts in their category names for easy reference (for instance, if you budget $300 a month for a car payment, the category may be "Car Payment ($300)"). You can also use Goals and Scheduled Transactions to make a Budget Template.

    If you leave your budget as is, without any budgeted amounts, it's possible your categories will be overspent and your To Be Budgeted will be higher than it should be. You should budget funds towards your categories until your To Be Budgeted is zero, covering any overspending.

    The Quick Budget feature is one of my favorites and it's mean to make budgeting faster. With one click, it auto-fills your categories with the amounts Budgeted Last Month, Spent Last Month, etc. (or clears those amounts out, as you noticed). You don't have to use this feature, but I'd definitely take a look at what it offers before making that decision.

  • Thank you Faness although I am still unclear as to what I've done and the consequences down the line. I always 'give each Euro a job' so never have money waiting to be budgeted. Maybe I will just leave things as they are?

    • Orange Hammerhead Quick Budget can move money around within you budget, but it can't create or delete any money, so as long as your To be Budgeted is zero and you're happy with the amounts you see in your categories, there's nothing else you need to do. (And if you're still seeing anything in your budget that doesn't look right, please let us know, and we'll help you get it back to where it should be!)

  • This is what I hate about the phone apps, they don't have the reset budgeted amount that is in the native web app. It might be best to login to your computer when you get home and figure out what you had budgeted before. 

    The quick budget just moves from your to be budgeted to that category. You just need to undo the process and give those dollars different jobs if that is what you intended. 

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