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I've been saving to attend a concert, now that's done, should i go ahead and delete that category from my budget? If so what happens to the history?

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  • No, hide it or rename it so it can be used for something else.

  • Hey Aquamarine Commander ! Can that category be used for the next concert your plan to attend?

    We highly recommend hiding categories instead of deleting them, since that keeps your past transaction data intact. When you delete a category with previous transactions, two things happen:

    1) You're asked to recategorize (or uncategorize) past transactions in the category.
    2) All the money budgeted to that category (in all months) is sent back To be Budgeted, so you'll likely want to move money to the category you chose in the first step.

  • This is how I would handle your example.

    I have an entertainment category (well, it's called Admit One but that's it's purpose). All cinema, theatre, gigs, etc transactions get recorded in this category and a small amount gets budgeted to it each month. However, if I've got a particular concert that I'm saving up and I want to make sure I don't steal some of that money to go to the cinema, then I create a category just for that concert and budget the money there instead. 

    When it comes to pay for the concert ticket, I move the money back into the Admit One category and record the transaction there. I can then safely delete the concert category as there's no money or transactions there.

    It's very similar to the Wish Farm concept that you'll see on the forum and a lot of folk use it for vacations too. It helps me ringfence the money, it stops category bloat and it means I don't have any hidden categories. I don't especially like hidden categories because they don't show up in reports. 

    If you are going to hide a category, make sure there isn't any overspending in it first.

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