How do I keep the same look over all devices???

Good afternoon,

I use YNAB on my laptop the most but some times on my desk top. They look very different, I assume it is because I have adjusted the settings in YNAB or the tool kit at different times.  Its there an easy way to set it one way or the other (I like the laptop better).  IE pick one look or default for all devices no mater where I accessit?



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  • Toolkit settings do not carry over from device to device unfortunately.

    • tgpratt
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    • Salmon_Filly.4
    • 11 days ago
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      • pgauntlett
      • pgauntlett
      • 10 days ago
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      tgpratt but see my other posts below on how you can achieve the same outcome

  • tgpratt As far as native YNAB settings go, your theme choice should stick across platforms where you're using the web app 👍🏻

  • @salmon_filly.4 Try this! Go into Toolkit settings on the machine where you prefer the layout. Within one of the menus you will find an option to copy the settings. You can then copy and paste these into any other browser on the same or indeed on any machine of your choosing. YNAB will then appear the same in both instances. 
    PS I am not in front of my laptop right now to give more precise directions

  • Now back on laptop and I see that Toolkit has updated to a very smart tabbed look! On the far right of my Toolkit screen are three icons. One of these incorporates a right facing arrow. Click on this and the instructions for “Import/Export Settings” are revealed. You can copy and paste these into the same space in Toolkit on the other machine.

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