Budget View - How to see all budget accounts expanded at once

How do I get to view more than one budget account at a time. Each time I expand one, the previous one closes up. There use to be a switch on the header bar to turn this feature on or off

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  • Yes, my Toolkit buttons for expanding all/collapsing all/solo mode are gone as well. ☹️

    One of the most used Toolkit features for me, for sure. 

    Native YNAB should totally include it.

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  • Click on All Accounts

    • jenmas They're describing the action of categories with solo mode enabled in the toolkit.  I think.

      • jenmas
      • jenmas
      • 4 days ago
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      Move Light Sound Life In that case, click on the triangle next to the word CATEGORY on your budget.

    • jenmas Yeah. There used to be a button the Toolkit added to expand/collapse all category groups at the same time. I used it all the time. Maybe the functionality is native now, so that's why the button I was looking for is gone.

      Alternatively, the Toolkit could also add a "solo mode" that kept all the category groups collapsed except the one you opened manually. Then, you could open another one and the first would automatically go back to closed position. I found this handy when doing a monthly check to make sure everything was correct, especially if I was doing more than just scanning.

      I miss it, too. 

      • Bruce
      • Software Engineer
      • Bruce
      • 2 days ago
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      Move Light Sound Life I noticed that was gone a few days ago too.  Kinda bummed me out.  I used it tons.  I didn't really play around with the solo mode, but that sounds pretty useful too!  I wonder what broke it...

  • Green Pony It sounds like you're only able to view one category group at a time, which means that solo mode is stuck on in the (unofficial) Toolkit extension . 🤔This isn't a feature we control, so you can reach out to the Toolkit Devs directly if you have questions!

    If you view your budget in an incognito window (or without the Toolkit), you'll be able to have all of your groups open at once!

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