Pay off a line of debt _from_ a credit card


I owe $1,000 to some third party, and they charge my credit card for $100 each month.

So, the flow looks like

Debt ← CC ← Checking

I want to be able to assign that $100, and, preferably, keep this assignment under 'Credit Card payments' category.

I tried to create a new 'line of credit' account, but I can't turn payment 'CC->Debt' into 'Payment to: Debt', only into 'Transfer to: Debt', and it doesn't affect any assignments and balance.


What would be a right way to set it up?

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  • Navy Blue Door  You'll need to handle this with a category not a new account as you are using the credit card as the account.      

    The work flow I'd suggest would be

    1/ Create the category with something like Line of Credit under the appropriate category group eg Debt Payments  (Do you have a category group for Debt Payments or something similar... I have one where my interest on credit cards goes as well as payments for a loan)

    2/ Create a scheduled transaction with a Payee of  Third Party Name and the Category Name, with the Account being the Credit Card the payment will come out of.  You can set this to repeat on the date agreed.

    3/ Budget the appropriate amount to the new Line of Credit category

    4/ Approve the transaction when it comes up in YNAB. 

    5/ YNAB will then automatically move the funds from the category to your Credit Card Payments to show that you'll need to pay it.

    If it was an actual Line of Credit Account you could create both the Account (with the starting balance of the debt) and the Category but you'd still need a scheduled transaction.    This could be either a tracking account or on budget, which would require you to handle a little differently.  But I suspect it would be unnecessary fiddling around,

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