YNAB connecting to bank numerous times overnight?

Hi, I have been using YNAB for over a year now, but honestly stopped using it after Covid and working from home.  Last week (Friday), I got back on and started fresh.  New budget and added in my accounts again.  For one of my banks I get emails anytime there was a successful login (or unsuccessful attempt to log in).  Last Sunday (two days after refresh) I saw that I had numerous successful logins overnight, each a little over an hour apart.  When I saw this on Monday I got nervous and reset my password (with my bank and with YNAB).  Last night (Wednesday night) it happened again.  These are all "successful" logins so I am thinking that perhaps YNAB is doing this, but in searching it looks like YNAB only checks once over night.  Is this something that has ever happened or possibly a glitch?  I would think that it is not a fraudulent attempt, because they are all good logins and not numerous failed attempts, but I need to be certain.  Should I set that account to manual and see if it happens again?

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  • Hello, Bob Layden ! This is probably us, but I'd love to check and make sure. Because I'm going to need to ask you for some info from your online banking, it'll be best to do it over email, and I'm going to send you an email with the details right now!

    If you don't receive that email or have any other questions, feel free to reply here.

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  • Do you happen to connect these accounts to any other places such as Mint or Personal Capital?

    If so maybe one of those is also pulling in the data.

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