Why is my "to budget" amount more than I have in my bank account?

My bank account and credit card amounts reconciled perfectly. I watched the videos and thought I understood. But I'm confused about starting a new month because my "to budget" amount is more than I have in my bank account. I think it has to do with expenses from one month being paid off in another month. I had to pay my March mortage in February bc of paycheck timing. And my credit card bills for February are due in early March. I don't know where I've gone wrong. My free trial is almost up and I thought I was doing great with this system, but now I'm hesitant to commit because I'm so confused. Thanks!

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  • Is your credit card showing a negative or positive balance in the accounts list??


    do you only have those two accounts in ynab?

  • First of all, you shouldn't have anything in To be Budgeted if you're following the YNAB rules. Rule #1, Give Every Dollar a Job. This means you need to categorize all funds until TBB is 0.

    The available funds are the sum of all of your budget accounts. You also need to budget for your starting credit card balances. If you pay your credit card in full, the Payment category should match your CC account balance in the opposite direction.

  • In the future-most month you can access:

    Total Available + TBB = Sum of cash-based accounts + Credit card accounts with positive balances

    Or put another way, the money in your budget = the money in your accounts

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