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When will you be moving away from "mostly read only" in the developer api. I'd like to be able to update/edit categories.

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  • Hey Blue Hammerhead !  There are some things you can do now, for example, you can edit the Budgeted amount for a category via the API, were you looking to do something like that? If not, let us know a bit more about your use case or which category fields you were wanting to edit!

  • Hello! Thank you for the response! I want to be able to create/delete categories, change their names, add subcategories, etc. Basically complete CRUD operation on them via the api

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  • I am supporting Blue Hammerhead in that. We are using developer API and why do we have mostly read-only endpoints.

    When do you guys plan to add CRUD operations on categories, budgets, payees?

    What if I would like to copy all categories from one budget to another? Payees?

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  • Thanks for letting us know you're looking to do more than just read with the API! To help our developers know what you'd like to see and prioritize accordingly, would you be up for sharing your feedback through this form? You may not hear from them directly, but if we have further details on this, I'll come back and post here!

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      Sarah (YNAB Support) Thank you for the answer. I have submitted two feature requests.
      But you guys also should consider to give an ability to fix errors on the feature request form itself. I made a mistake there choosing what part of the YNAB I suggest the feature for. I choosed "Web" however the feature is requested for API. But there is no way to review/edit my feature request.

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