Moving Monthly Savings Builder funds to another category

If I have a category that is set to Monthly Savings Builder and there are funds that have accumulated. How do I move it to another category without it showing up as yellow - that I haven't met my goal.

For example:

I have a "Vacation" category with a $100/month Monthly Savings Builder goal. It has $500 accumulated in it at the start of the month and I budgeted $100 for it for my monthly goal to bring the total to $600.

I decide to buy a $600 gift and I want to take it out of my Vacation savings. If I click on the $600 and move the funds to the "Gift" category but then now it shows my goal as unmet and "Vacation" is in yellow even though I did budget $100 that month to the line. (If anyone says "well, it's the whole amount" then it's the same if the gift was $50. I want to take from money that was saved, not from what I am currently budgeting... using older money instead of spending the new unaged money, so to speak)

Can this be done? Thanks! 

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    A monthly savings builder measures success on how much you budget to the category in that month. If your budgeted number is less than the target Budgeted number it will show as not meeting the goal.

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  • So when I move money, it first moves the money that I budgeted that month. Not the money that has been saved from previous months. Like in my example - I did budget $100 which was my goal. But if I were to move $50 from my saved amount it first takes it from my most recent budgeted $100 which seems counter to the philosophy of YNAB of aging money.

    Is there a way to move money that has been saved from previous months first?

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