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Hi y'all, I'm hoping for some ideas about this situation: My credit card number was stolen, and a bunch of fraudulent charges showed up. I disputed them and the bank issued a new card, and all the transactions were refunded... but now I have like 100 charges to Uber, and then a 100 corresponding credits and I have no idea how to categorize them. Should I just just delete them all? make a new category to tuck them into and make sure the whole balance comes to zero in the end? Some other better idea?

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    • Vibrant
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    • vibrant
    • 9 days ago
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    A hundred charges! The nuisance of that is almost as frustrating as the actual money stolen. 

    Personally I would verify that all the charges and credits added up, and then either delete them from YNAB or condense them into one transaction for the charges and one for the credits, both categorized to a "Fraud" category so that they cancel out.

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    • Melissa
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    • todays_mel
    • 9 days ago
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    I had something similar happen to me as well, with around 70 individual charges and then 70 subsequent credits back once it was resolved.

    As Vibrant recommends, I deleted the individual fraud transactions and made one "Fraud charge" for the total negative amount, and then did the same with the positive credits as "Fraud reimbursement" in the memo field.

    Glad your issue has been resolved!

    I think I categorized both sets to my "FEES" category

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  • Oof, I'm so sorry this happened to you! Both of your proposed solutions here are viable!

    If each outflow is offset by an inflow, you could certainly delete those transactions. I'd just be sure to get the account reconciled after the fact, to be 100% sure your balance is in line moving forward! 

    On the other side of the same coin, if each outflow is offset by an inflow, you can bulk categorize the transactions (select all applicable transactions and click the Edit --> Categorize) to a "reimbursable" category, or similar. The available amount should net zero, and you're done and dusted! 

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