To Be Budgeted $ Don't Match Up!

I have completely budgeted April and the To Be Budgeted correctly shows that there are still dollars available to budget. However, when I go to May to continue allocating these dollars, the To Be Budgeted shows a negative amount. 

How to I fix this?

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  • This is really odd. 

    There's a thing (feature, bug, design flaw, element, whatever) called Stealing From The Future. However, that would show the current month TBB at $0 while the future month's TBB shows negative. 

    So, it doesn't make sense that April is positive while may is negative. Any budgeting in May would have eaten up April's TBB, as it (conveniently) flows forward. 

    Unless... Do you have cash overspending in April? That could do it!

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    • Been waiting 5 years for the Stealing From the Future fix...
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    Cash overspending in the earlier month is usually the cause of something like this. Check April for overspending.

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  • Move Light Sound Life Overspending in April shows $0.0 but I t shows I have overspending in May. 

    Is the new feature you speak of why you can look and budget into future months if you haven't completely budgeted the current month? 

    The reason I ask is because I manage my household account and my personal account under one budget just separate categories. Once I had budgeted all my household categories I moved into the next month even if I still had budgeting to do in my personal accounts. I wonder if that is where the problem lies. I'm really not sure what to do to fix it and it makes me question the reliability of the software. Stinks because I was really starting to get the hang of it and actually enjoy the process!

    By the way this isnt the first time I've seen this, last time however I thought it was because i messed up my payments to my credit card making them outflows instead of inflows and ended up with extra money to be budgeted which I then budgeted before I realized the next time I logged on what I had done.

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    • Bevgard it sounds like you're probably on the right track with the issue of the personal accounts vs the household accounts.

      It would probably be helpful to reach out to YNAB support and get them to take a look at your budget. The gray ? button in the lower right corner of your budget will get you to their support. They have been VERY helpful at times like this when I have switched something around and couldn't figure out what happened.

  • Do you have any categories in April with a negative, red Available? If yes, fix it. The overspending you see at the top of the May budget is a summary of April's cash overspending. It's shown there as the April's cash overspending is taken out of May's To Be Budgeted since the cash as to come from somewhere.

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  • Bevgard said:
    shows I have overspending in May. 

     That's impossible. May isn't here yet. Do you have a screenshot? That might help get our terminology on the same page.

  • Bevgard said:
    Is the new feature you speak of why you can look and budget into future months 

     Well, no. This online version of YNAB doesn't have walled months, so money is available to budget anytime after it's been received.  That's the feature that allows you to budget in the future. 

    SFTF is just a lack of notification that you've overbudgeted on accident. YNAB will show your future-most TBB as red, but you may be looking in the current month and miss it.  That doesn't seem to be your immediate problem.

    As Ceeses said, the May header indicates overspending in April. 

    Any negative category available gets reset to $0 in the next month's budget screen.

    Categories negative from credit spending are assumed to be intentional debt acquisition and increase the credit card balance. The idea is that you've financed something and will budget directly to the credit card in the future to pay down that debt.

    Categories negative from cash overspending are taken from the following month's TBB, because you have less cash in your accounts than you have in your budget.

    Best practice is to move money from other categories in the month of the overspend (April, in your case) so that your TBB in the following month is back to $0.

  • Bevgard said:
    if you haven't completely budgeted the current month? 

     How is YNAB supposed to know when you're done with the current month? 

    Personally, I always budget the money I earn in April in the May budget screen. I just keep it in a holding category and wait till May (or the weekend before) to do it. It's less work and less human-error prone.

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  • We're so happy to take a look at your budget to investigate what's happening here. :)  If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know by tagging me—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead.

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