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I am into my third month with YNAB and struggling to keep my AMEX card reconciled. I pay my card off every month but most expenses go on it. I always budget for the spending or cover the overspending so my balance on YNAB and my amount available for a payment always match but those have never matched what American Express says online.

I started fresh in March and made sure to enter my starting balance and budget for what was already on the card first thing.  Because I had had issues with reconciling it in January and February, I turned off auto import on all of my accounts. All of my other accounts are reconciled and working as expected. All transactions and payments are entered on the AMEX card. 

I have searched for a feature that has a rolling balance on AMEX so I can compare the balances after every transaction but I don't think that's possible. If I try to add in a corrective transaction to reconcile it, I'm afraid it will throw another account out of balance.

Please help!


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  • On the web go to the AMEX account register. Near the top on the right you will see a View option. Click on it and you can choose to show the running balance. 

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  • Hello, Rogue06 !

    How often are you reconciling? If it's just once a month, I'd recommend doing it much more often than that, at least for a little while. Try twice a week. One of two things will happen:

    1. It'll just start working semi-magically. (Probably because you're less likely to miss entering a transactions.)
    2. If you're still having reconciliation mismatches, you'll quickly notice a pattern that will lead you to the culprit.
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  • Thanks Matthew. You’re exactly right. I have reconciled every day this month so far after starting fresh on the first. All the accounts are reconciled except for that one card. Any recommendations on how to at least correct it and try to move forward?

    I’m afraid I’ll have to be continually entering in corrective transactions and that those while throw other balances off. 

    • Rogue06 Sorry for the delay! If you reconcile the Amex daily, are you having to enter adjustments each time?

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