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Full disclosure, I do not use YNAB for it's intended purpose, as a budgeting tool. I primarily use it to keep track of my account balances and transactions. That said, it may a week or three before I open YNAB to import transactions and verify everything.

When I initially began using YNAB, everything was manual, there was no auto importing from financial institutions. Then came the new online version that offered this 'feature.' At that time, I was fine with the method I was using, okay with manually importing and had no plans to upgrade. Until YNAB announced they would no longer support that version.  And, that version would not work with the latest OS either. 

So, finally I felt I had to update my OS and I would try out the newest version of YNAB. Initially, things seemed to go well. That didn't last long.

More often than not, I have to reconnect many if not all of my accounts to their institutions every time I log into YNAB and then, if the connection is successful, a message is displayed that "We're connected to your bank, but transaction imports may take longer than expected. This issue usually resolves itself." Thats when the connection is successful, not mentioning the many times it is not as there is some other issue that "we're working with our partner to resolve."

I'll also add that, over the last three days, I've connected my bank account through other services that also use PLAID and I have not had any issues doing so. Today, I reconnected YNAB to my bank and received the message I mentioned previously. In an attempt to resolve, I tried removing and recreating the connection only to now be told PLAID couldn't connect to my institution.

When will YNAB get it together? 

I have finally had enough. I'm not sure where I'm going but, I'm looking for another solution. I remember way back when I was using Quicken. That was a very long time ago but even then, they never seemed to have this much trouble connecting to financial institutions nor did I have to reconnect every time I used the application. Even Mint does a better job with the connections and, thats free...

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  • Of course, do whatever you like for your situation - often people on here will recommend mint if you're just tracking transactions and accounts.

    However, many people use the online version of YNAB without direct import. This means either manually inputting transactions or using the file-based import option. So, if direct import is your issue, you don't have to say goodbye to YNAB. However, if I wasn't using the budgeting capability of YNAB, then I might agree that the annual price isn't worth it.

    There's also some sort of something people use to still run YNAB 4 on a new OS. A virtual machine works, too, but there's a 3rd party bridge of some sort. It's been shared on this forum a couple times. 

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    Manual input and file-based importing have not been deprecated. 

    The only thing you can’t do in nYNAB that you could in YNAB 4 is carry forward negative category balances. And without “income for next month” collecting a month of income at a time takes manual work. But other than that it is exactly the same. 

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  • Oh, boy, are you using the wrong tool. YNAB is the best budgeting tool on the planet but if you're not using it for budgeting and only account management, there are SO many better tools out there. Let me give you a few: Mint, Personal Capital, and Simplifi.

    Also, as said above, there's nothing stopping you from continuing to use YNAB 4 on the latest Mac OS.

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  • Hi, there! If you're experiencing delayed transactions ongoing, there's likely something that needs to be fixed. I've reached out to you via email, since we can't troubleshoot direct import issues in the Forum.

    Direct import is an option, but you could totally use file-based import in the web app to keep your accounts up to date if you prefer that, and if you're only using YNAB once or twice monthly.

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