Pending Transactions API Endpoint?


I am very appreciative that I can instantly see a transaction in YNAB as pending, immediately after I make a purchase.  I would like to get notified on my devices as soon as a transaction gets posted to "pending".   Is there a scheduled API endpoint implementation of this in the works?  I see scheduled_transactions endpoint (etc.) but not for pending. 

I don't know the backend at YNAB but it seems it would be relatively easily to implement this endpoint for us developers to use.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi there! While Pending transactions aren't currently supported via the API, the quickest way to let the developers know what you're looking for is to submit a feature request for this. There's some extra logic on the backend with Pending transactions that make them a bit trickier to work with, but knowing you're wanting access to those will help us prioritize API features moving forward!

  • I would also appreciate if we had the ability to fetch pending transactions. I'm currently working on a similar feature and the lack of an api to fetch pending transactions is a blocker. 

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