Credit Card Payment in accounts section is not matching the original balance required to paid in bank

Hi Guys,


My credit Card balance in accounts sections show -116.22, whereas when I compare to original balance left to be paid is 98.21 in my bank account. Under Available payment in Budget section, I have 176.45. I just want to understand how can this be possible, I have verified all my transactions and they are up to date. Additionally, I pay my credit card in full every month.

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  • If your transactions are correct, but the total is off, then your starting balance was incorrect. 

    This can happen because of pending transactions at the very beginning. 

    Either fix the starting balance so that the current balance makes sense or do a reconciliation adjustment. 

    NOTE: Check these things first.

    1. Ensure the cleared status of transactions is correct.

    2. Ensure that you're reconciling the *cleared* balance in YNAB with the *cleared* balance in your bank (no pending transactions). 

    3. The statement balance you pay is not typically equal to the current, cleared balance. Different credit card companies can make the above information difficult to find or even misleading, so know what you're looking for. 

  • A Paid In Full (PIF) user has in their CC payment category the positive equivalent of the negative working balance of their card.

    If that is not the case for you, either budget to make it so or learn about the credit card float. 

  • The difference between YNAB and your bank in terms of balance sounds like a starting balance issue, a cleared vs working balance issue, or missing transactions.


    Have you had any refunds to the card? Cashback?  Having an available for payment amount that is higher than the YNAB working balance usually means that money was paid to the card from an outside source. Usually these are things like cashbacks or returns. 

  • Hi Divyam Bhatt ! You've already gotten all of the best advice here, but I wanted to add some links for you. I also suspect that your starting balance was off, if you've checked your transactions. I'd suggest reconciling, making an adjustment (just this once), and moving ahead.

    As Move Light Sound Life mentions, be sure you're using the cleared balance according to the bank. Banks call this all sorts of different things, but most commonly it is the "Current Balance". For others you'll need to look at the running balance next to your most recent cleared transaction in the register at the bank.

    Finally, adjust your Credit Card Payment category, as balance adjustments don't affect your budget. Once everything is on track, it will stay that way as you add transactions and budget for them. We still recommend you reconcile about weekly to keep your budget running smoothly - you won't need to make an adjustment next time, though.

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